Post COVID – Then What !

This extraordinary, historical, tragic virus gripping our Nation and the world for that matter will hopefully run its current course in the coming weeks/months, but anyone expecting a return to normal is beyond delusional. Society has been pushed into making changes during this crisis and what we return to will include many differences from what it was before.

We have seen the best of humanity and the worst of humanity surface daily. Politicians and the evil media have crafted a divide which may well take decades to close up – if ever. The November Election will be perhaps yet another direction decision for the Nation. If nothing else, hopefully we have learned much from this tragedy and make changes which will be mostly positive.

Certainly one of the top priorities for change would be preparation for a future wave of COVID or a mutation of same which could well surface again sooner than later. A COVID vaccine is a must, plus processes to speed up vaccine development in the future. Add onto that, we need to make the US self-sufficient in terms of all pharma and medical supplies. It will take time, but we need to start that journey – now.

Businesses have been forced to make changes and again, hopefully they will have learned much and will adapt to a new norm environment and be more agile and efficient in terms of every aspect of running their business.

The new norm for our society is taking shape and change is inevitable in many aspects of life. Hopefully we indeed have all learned valued lessons. If not, we will be back in another mega crisis at some point, struggling to contain what faces us.

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